Monthly Character Show

O'Brien performs monthly in-character show


December 1st, 2018

Open Space Theater

You know that bizzare neighbor you just saw walk by but you could swear they died a year ago, or maybe you know someone in their 30's who still believes in Santa Claus.. if you're like me you think, "I wish I could be a fly on the wall in their crazy life." Well good news kid, now you can. At monthly show Unaccompanied Characters at The Open Space you'll see new and familiar faces during this 90 minute tour de farce of LA's best character performers including members of UCB, The Second City, and Groundlings. Evan O'Brien returns this month alongside a roster of Sunday Company and JFL alumni. Each show centers around a theme, his month's through-line is THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

Video: "Ms. Ivy's Bookshop" from the Valentine's Day Show

Tickets: At the Door ($10)* Arrive Early, Every Show Sells Out

Location: THE OTHER SPACE Theater

457 N. Fairfax Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Character Line Up (in no particular order)

Hannah Pilkes

Steph Barkley

Evan O'Brien

Luke Millington Drake

Tess Middlebrook

Jake Delaney

Greg Nussen

The Ladies of Bowl Cut Comedy

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