Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival

Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival
Cast and crew of "Not Our Aiden" attend Hollywood Comedy Shorts with "Not Our Aiden".  (From Left) Writer Dax Shelby.  Actors Evan O'Brien, Kinkaid Walker, Robyn Cohen. Director Jilon Vanover

If you have kids you're used to the struggle this is.. other kid's parents. Some parents ride the line between oblivious or high maintenance, the frustration teachers must feel having to keep a straight face with these parents - who are indeed a handful - requires superhuman patience. Enter "Not Our Aiden" which stars Robyn Cohen (The Life Aquatic) and Kinkaid Walker (Castle) as principal and teacher opposite comedy heavies Beth Curry (Superstore) and Evan O'Brien (Parks & Recreation). Directed by Jilon Vanover (Better Call Saul) this absurdist darkly comedic take on a parent teacher conference will no doubt be shared by parents looking to take the edge off of some the pressures that coming with being a parent.

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